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Self- detached houses

Apartment houses
  • House with 8 apartments, Hadházi street, Debrecen
  • Holiday home with 10 units, Hajdúszoboszló
  • House with 2 x 9 apartments, Diófa street, Debrecen
  • House with 14 apartments, Gohér street, Debrecen
  • Holiday home with 5 units, Cserépfalu
  • House with 3 apartments, Budai-Ézsaiás street, Debrecen
  • House with 12 and 16 apartments, Vág street, Debrecen
  • House with 3 apartments, Liget subdivision, Debrecen
  • House with 4 apartments and stores, Petőfi street, Püspökladány
  • House with 7 apartments, Gohér street, Debrecen

Commercial, industrial, service facilities
  • Thermal Bath, Berettyóújfalu
  • Canteen and office building, Nyírkércs
  • Office building, Mikepércsi street, Debrecen
  • VOLVO Salon, Nyíregyháza
  • Marketplace, Szentpéterszeg
  • Frame manufacturing works, Püspökladány
  • Truck garage modernization, Debrecen
  • Restaurant enlargement, Derecske
  • Office building and depot, Ozmán street, Debrecen
  • Supermarket modernization, Zsáka
  • Water theme parks, Hajdúszoboszló, Zalaegerszeg, Szeged, Kecskemét
  • Thermal spa, mud-bath, massage modernization, Debrecen
  • Roofed stable, Debrecen-Pallag
  • Depot, Vágóhíd street, Debrecen
  • Factory hall and office building, Kishegyesi street, Debrecen
  • VOLVO Salon enlargement, Debrecen
  • Garage enlargement, Püspökladány
  • Tourism-buildings at Hortobágy National Park

Agricultural facilities
  • Poultry processing plant, Petneháza
  • Swine and neat slaughterhouse enlargement and processing plant, Biharnagybajom
  • Poultry-premises, Nyírkércs
  • Swine-premise modernization, Biharnagybajom
  • Poultry slaughterhouse enlargement and modernization, Kisvárda
  • Swine-premise expansion, Létavértes
  • Swine-premise expansion, Tiszacsege
  • Neat-premise modernization, Hortobágy
  • Swine-premise modernization, Pásztó
  • Swine-premise modernization, Ócsa
  • Swine-premise modernization, Tiszacsege
  • Wildfowl slaughterhouse's and processing plant's preliminary plan, Blagovari (Bashkiria)
  • Swine-premise for 800 cows, Hajdúszovát
  • Swine-premise modernization, Derecske, Morgó major

Educational, medical, other fascilities
  • Elementary school's mansard building, Zsáka
  • Elementary school enlargement, Konyár
  • Town Hall and main square modernization, enlargement, Zsáka
  • Town centre restoration plan, Hencida
  • Church-square and canteen for 300 persons, Gáborján
  • Twilight home, Hencida
  • Kindergarten, Konyár
  • Pets' Clinic, Debrecen
  • Health promotion and mender centre, Berettyóújfalu
  • Shooting lodge enlargement and modernization, Biharkeresztes
  • Town Hall and Medical Centre, Szentpéterszeg
  • Kölcsey-Kende Country-seat's renovation, Cégénydányád